Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2 weeks picture-free

We haven't had a lot to say, in part because we haven't taken any pictures in the last couple of weeks. Here's an old pic from a meeting before the blog started. It must have been an unseasonably cool day, because the weather looks sunny and yet we were in a conference room.

A scheme for transitioning from 2x2 rib to 1x1
(or maybe the other way around)
Two meetings ago, we discovered that two of us had just been in Christmas choral concerts that featured organ accompaniment. One of us had a great organist, the other... not so great. We shall not name names.

Last meeting, Guy worked on his second tortoise-not-turtle glove. I remember nothing else about the meeting because a dog was there, and dogs trump knitting every time. I <3 dogs.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tortoises, nephews, and 'staches, oh my

At this week's lunch, non-sock projects dominated sock projects, thanks to two factors: a sock knitter switching to a hat for his mom, and a higher turnout than usual.

Guy showed off a tortoise glove of his own design (which you should not confuse with a turtle glove) in beautifully soft, fine alpaca. Yes, that's "glove", not "gloves". This tortoise does not yet have a mate.

Gina brought a hat she knit for her nephew, following the Turn a Square pattern by Jared Flood. (Also see the pattern on Ravelry if you're a member.)

In non-knitting news, Fjord sported a horseshoe moustache inspired by Movember. And yes, Fjord is a guy. If the female knitters were trying to grow moustaches, they failed.