Thursday, January 6, 2011

While we were out

We haven't had our regular meeting in a while, thanks to the winter holidays, but we've finished quite a few projects.

Here's Josie's sweater for her new grandbaby. Isn't it beautiful? The pattern is Debbie Bliss's Ribbed Baby Jacket. Here's the pattern's Ravelry page, for your convenience.

Matty's sweater
And here are Guy's tortoise-not-turtle gloves, on top of the tortoise who inspired them. We talked about these before, back when there was only one glove.

Tortoise gloves on a tortoise
Finally, here's the Koolhaas hat I knit for myself (after the Christmas rush) out of that Road To China yarn I gushed about before. It looks gray in this pic, but it's really a beautiful denim-lavender-turquoise mix.
Me and my Koolhaas hat in my glamorous cubicle
I'll post more about our holiday projects as we get more details and pictures.