Monday, April 18, 2011

A braided cowl

A little while ago, Patsy wore her braided cowl to our meeting.

Patsy in her cowl
Her cowl is based on one that was on the cover of the Winter 2010/2011 Knit Simple magazine [obligatory Ravelry link]. Here's what Patsy had to say:
Basically I wanted to use up stash. I had a limited amount of yarn in three colors, so I changed the pattern from stockinette to garter so I could reduce the width of the braid. Originally the pattern called for knitting a big, flat stockinette rectangle that you sewed into a tube. By switching to garter stitch, I didn't need to working about curling edges, so I could knit a smaller rectangle.
I knit one rectangle per color, sewed the three rectangles together, braided them, and then sewed down the loose ends. I love the color combo. It reminds me of raspberry sorbet. 
Thanks for the details, Patsy!