Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2 weeks picture-free

We haven't had a lot to say, in part because we haven't taken any pictures in the last couple of weeks. Here's an old pic from a meeting before the blog started. It must have been an unseasonably cool day, because the weather looks sunny and yet we were in a conference room.

A scheme for transitioning from 2x2 rib to 1x1
(or maybe the other way around)
Two meetings ago, we discovered that two of us had just been in Christmas choral concerts that featured organ accompaniment. One of us had a great organist, the other... not so great. We shall not name names.

Last meeting, Guy worked on his second tortoise-not-turtle glove. I remember nothing else about the meeting because a dog was there, and dogs trump knitting every time. I <3 dogs.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tortoises, nephews, and 'staches, oh my

At this week's lunch, non-sock projects dominated sock projects, thanks to two factors: a sock knitter switching to a hat for his mom, and a higher turnout than usual.

Guy showed off a tortoise glove of his own design (which you should not confuse with a turtle glove) in beautifully soft, fine alpaca. Yes, that's "glove", not "gloves". This tortoise does not yet have a mate.

Gina brought a hat she knit for her nephew, following the Turn a Square pattern by Jared Flood. (Also see the pattern on Ravelry if you're a member.)

In non-knitting news, Fjord sported a horseshoe moustache inspired by Movember. And yes, Fjord is a guy. If the female knitters were trying to grow moustaches, they failed.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

On the road to China, a frog in a sock ate arugula

The weather turned seasonally chilly again, so we ate inside. (The arugula salad with parmesan and a lemon dressing was especially delicious.) Unfortunately, the good camera wasn't available, so we have just a couple of cell phone shots.

First, look at this beautiful Road To China yarn. See the frayed end at the lower left? Somehow this subtly lustrous denim-blue yarn with purple highlights has a bright blue-green core. It's like magic. Buttery, squeezable magic.

Road To China (baby alpaca/cashmere/camel/silk)
Lapis colorway
In more painful news, Erin frogged part of her nearly finished Tangled Yoke cardigan so she could fix the top. No pictures were taken because it hurt to see her tearing such a beautiful thing apart (button band and all), but we'll try to get a pic when it's finished.

And finally, Jen's working on her second sock of a pair that look like this (but even better):

Jen's sock

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mitten surgery, twin caps, and sock knitters rule

Knitters brought three FOs to this week's lunch: a pair of altered mittens and two baby hats. (Hmm, maybe that's 4 FOs?) No socks were completed, but there was plenty of sock knitting action.

FO #1

Ange took some unused Google mittens and converted them into useful, stylish fingerless mitts. Here's the before (not the same mittens, but they should be identical):

Frumpy, impractical mittens
And after:

Sexy, useful fingerless mitts
Yes, those are Gmail icons just above the cuff. And no, we will not convert any more mittens. This was a one-time proof-of-concept project given to a coworker who really appreciated them. Come to one of our lunches if you want tips on modifying your own mittens...

FOs #2 & 3

Josie brought in some caps she finished for the twin grandsons of some friends. How cute! They match the school colors of the grandparents: red and gray for Ohio State, and blue and gold for Kent State.

The bottom hat looks gray on my monitor... It should be deep blue.

Sock knitters ├╝ber alles

Sock knitting outnumbered all other projects two-to-one at this week's lunch. Don't the sock knitters look happy?

One sock knitter is missing from this photo.
(He was taking the picture.)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

FO! Latte Luxe

The weather's turned chilly enough that one of us (OK, Patsy) was able to wear a heavy sweater to work. It's her version of the Cable Luxe Tunic, which she calls "Latte Luxe" because the color combination looks like espresso and steamed milk. Mmmm... latte...

Enough drooling. Here's what Patsy had to say about this sweater.
I used the Vanna White's Choice Lion brand yarn in Beige and Toffee. The yarn was easy to knit. This was my first cable knit and it was a bit of a challenge. I felt I could handle it because I joined the Cable Luxe Tunic knit-along on Ravelry. [Note: You need to be logged into Ravelry to visit that and other Ravelry links.] I got great tips and felt inspired by the camaraderie. 
I searched YouTube and knitting websites for instructions on how to do cables and how to use a cable needle. I had to frog the center yoke section a couple of times because of mis-crossed cables. It ended up being great practice for me. I kept getting lost in the cable instructions for the main body. There were so many cables in the main body. I finally wrote out the instructions in big letters on a piece of paper and used a row counter to keep track of where I was in the pattern. That helped tremendously. I think the cable in the body was a 12 row repeat. 
I made several mods to the pattern. I didn't do one of the increases because I am petite and was going to shorten the overall pattern. The net effect is the sleeves and body are shorten than the pattern calls for. Another modification was the back of the sweater. I got tired of all the cables so I stopped the cables midway on the back. I was never going to see the back of the sweater so it didn't much matter to me that the front and back didn't match. I also changed the yoke. The pattern calls for Garter stitches but the feedback on Ravelry was not very positive. The garter stitches could stretch out. I saw a project on Ravelry that had a cabled yoke so I copied that. 
I am glad I did the cables on the yoke because a lot of weight hangs on the shoulders and yoke. I think cables are sturdier than plain garter stitch. 
This sweater marinated for months because I mis-crossed the cables in the front at the bottom edge. I decided to frog back and make the sweater shorter. Turned out to be a good idea, it was a much better fit and proportion for my frame. 
It's a great sweater to wear... It feels like I am wrapped in a baby blanket.
Hooray for Patsy, the first person to have a finished object on this blog!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No FOs, but lots of food and yarn

No one brought any finished objects (aka FOs) to our last lunch, but as this picture shows, there was plenty of food and yarn. This blog might turn out to be as much about food as it is about knitting. 

In focus: Crystal Palace Merino 5 in saucy pink and orange
In front: Rum-cooked pineapple (sprinkled with coconut) and a bit of clafoutis

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No, we don't knit food

Once a week, a few crafty people at a large high-tech company (OK, Google) get together to eat lunch and knit, usually in that order. This blog started as a way of spurring us to take pictures of our projects.

Actually, that's not the whole truth. We started this blog because one of us needed to create a blog so that she could create an installable web app so that she could test some doc she was writing for the Chrome Web Store. But we had been thinking of taking pictures, thanks to another one of us offering to do so once his camera was out of the shop.

So here we are. If the lunchtime knitters are the only readers of this group, that's fine. But I bet we'll get more. (Hi, Mom!)