Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A knitting day of service

Once a year, our company encourages everyone to spend a workday volunteering. This year, knitters and crocheters in Seattle, Kirkland, Mountain View, San Bruno, and San Francisco decided to make chemo caps—soft caps to be given to cancer patients who've lost hair due to chemotherapy.

Mountain View
San Bruno
We're still tallying the results (the last date to contribute is in July), but some of us (hello, Guy!) worked overtime and finished many hats. We tended to knit stockinette, roll brim hats (either top-down or bottom-up), but some of Guy's many hats had 3x1 or 2x2 ribbing (he says 2x2 has better stretchiness).

Guy wearing one of his 7 hats
Ange knit a couple of Race for Life 2009 chemo caps, which are mostly stockinette but with a pretty lace edge. In fact, the first cap was so pretty that now Ange's sister wants one. Ange's wearing one of those caps in this photo:

Back row: Ange, Liz, Jennifer
Front row: Patsy, Kathy
Liz increased too much on her first top-down hat, so she decided to turn it into a design element. She decreased to the right size, then knit even for a while and finished with a rolled brim. The hats look a little like fat-stemmed mushrooms (in a good way; see the photo above). Liz is planning to publish the instructions on Ravelry, and we'll let you know when they're available.

Last I checked, Mountain View (our biggest campus) had nearly 30 finished hats, San Bruno had about a dozen, Seattle/Kirkland had 15, and San Francisco had 6 (plus a couple of scarves). We'll post more pics and a final tally in July!

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